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Perfectionism & Digital Marketing

“Perfection is an iterative process”- Diane Higgins

I am going to have to go on the payroll at Munster Technological University soon after two guest lectures in less than a week! It was a pleasure to speak to current Masters of Digital Marketing students about my professional development plan that I created when I was in their shoes. Thanks to Zahid Aslam who has done an amazing job of helping us all achieve some of our professional goals within a short number of weeks.

I spoke to the students about how important it is to plan forward as well as not forgetting to look back in order to see what worked and what didn’t work. Things don’t always go according to plan, which was the main point of my partner in crime Juelie Mc Loughlin, who did a major pivot of her plans due to the pandemic and gave great advice on changing plans quickly.

When speaking of what I learned, my main point was that perfection is an iterative process, gained through strategy, consistency and reflection.

The very fact that I am writing this post is testament to this process. I started this process nervous of putting anything out in the world and now I do it over and over, learning as I go, forgetting about perfectionism.

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