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Logo design review- Anuway

logo design review- Diane Higgins Design
This logo looks good enough to eat!
 This is Claire from AnuWay on her recent birthday with her logo on some cakes celebrating setting up her new social enterprise. Check out her facebook page here Claire gave a fantastic logo design review for Diane Higgins Design.
Claire set up Anuway to spread awareness about post natal depression and hormonal depression in women after her difficult experience after having her own children. Claire is a real inspiration sharing her true story with others in order to prevent unnecessary deaths of women and their children. It was great to be involved in this design and I am looking forward to launching her website very soon.
The logo has a feminine feel, with a feminine typeface used but is balanced with the formal type underneath and it all works together as an icon within the circle.
As part of the project, I created a cover image for the Anuway Podcast. Here’s a link to Anuway Wellness on Spotify.
The client brings a different guest on for each episode, so wanted to be able to edit an episode cover for each episode so I created an editable template using software that the client can log into and change the names and images, and easily save as an image to upload each week.
Logo design review:

“Diane created my logo exactly how I wanted it and really quickly.. She was really easy to chat to and gave me a lot of good ideas.. I found her helpful and supportive and I’m looking forward to working with her to design my website soon.. Highly recommended.”

logo design review- Google review for Diane Higgins Design

The Anuway logo was designed with a feminine font and a monotone colour palette. Claire already knew what she wanted so it made my job super easy.

If, like Claire, you are setting a business or social enterprise, get in touch and I would be happy to help you get started with a logo design and a website, and some cupcakes too if you like!

The logo was also designed to work on a white background

Podcast single episode, editable template

Anuway logo

Podcast cover image