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Infographic design featured on RTE's website

It’s a total cracker today! This is a recent infographic I produced for Active Iron as part of their research into the sunniest counties in Ireland that was featured on RTE’s lifestyle section of their website today.

Have a read of the RTE article here to see how your county compares. The research by Active Iron and the graphic were also featured on extra.ie and Irish Central.

Using PR articles in your SEO strategy is a great way to earn some backlinks, and mapping based on data is a great way to do this- just like the clever campaign from Active Iron did here.

If you are thinking of doing a PR focused SEO strategy to increase your backlinks or your domain authority, and if you need a map or infographic to hook the audience or display your information, get in touch and we can chat about how I can help you to create the right infographic design that will have all the news sites fighting to link to your website. Let’s get that lovely SEO juice flowing!