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I got an email from seonotebook.com, an #SEO newsletter from Steve Toth, entitled “How a blank sheet of paper can be a powerful SEO weapon” Intrigued, I clicked right away! Basically when you write your title for your blog the question you need to ask yourself is: ‘If I write this on a blank sheet of paper, can a stranger figure out what I am talking about?’ Like all clever #toolsofthetrade, the simple ones are the best! Write out what you are thinking about for your title, give it to a stranger- (a family member will do, as in my experience they are often complete strangers to what you are thinking!) and ask them to tell you what the article is about. Simples. Steve references Ian Lurie, who has an in-depth slideshare available here about this: https://lnkd.in/d9u4-iD I recently took a Moz SEO course, and it goes through Google’s algorithms ranking your results. Google has gone through a number of algorithm advancements recently, one which aims to match the intent of the searcher with the result. Sounds obvious right? Well if a stranger, or a family member can’t figure it out, it will be very difficult for Google. Next time try this simple test first!