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How to get your business online cheap and fast- lunch and learn with Republic of Work, May 4th 2021

How to get your business online fast and cheap with Republic of Work. Lunch & Learn
It’s great to have something to put on a dress for! This was me all set up and ready to go  for the: how to get your business online fast and cheap webinar I hosted in conjunction with Republic Of Work this afternoon.

This webinar was based on a Linkedin article I wrote in 2020 when the pandemic first hit and businesses were all very much needing to get online quickly and as cheaply as possible. You can read the article here if you would like to find out some of the tips I had for how to get your business online.

I spoke of the different reasons for getting your business online, the different types of platforms you could use and the advantages and disadvantages of each. I also did a quick walkthough of the free DIY website builder WordPress.com, and a live set up of a Shopify store.

Thanks to all of you that took the time to join me and I hope you gained some knowledge along the way. Anyone who missed it can watch it back afterwards. I will put up the recording and slides here once all of the out-takes have been edited out (like me scrambling to get my notes on the screen before everyone entered the room)!

As part of the presentation, I mentioned the Trading Online Voucher, which you can get further details for here

This voucher funds start ups to get 50% funding for their website design and development up to the value of €2,500, which is a great way to get you started online. I have worked with companies who availed of this scheme to create their web presence and I would highly recommend anyone who qualifies to apply for the voucher. Although entitled the trading online voucher, this doe snot necessarily mean that you need to develop an e-commerce site, and the voucher can also be used to partially fund other items such as branding and marketing- like your logo or report designs, as well as being used to cover online subscription costs such as Shopify fees, etc.

If you would like me to help you with the application or quote for your project, get in touch and I would be happy to chat through it.

If you would like to see some of these, take a look at my work or get in touch for a chat.