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Free infographics templates to show your year in numbers

Has everyone gotten their #Spotify 2020 playlists yet? They are a really engaging little feature for Spotify users. If you don’t have the budget for personalised videos for each customer, infographics can be a great way of summarising your year in numbers at the end of the year to give information back to customers and to mark the work you did during the year.

As 2020 was such a unique year, some of the numbers might be interesting!

You can represent anything from your growth on social media to the number of clients to the types of work you did to how many cups of coffee you had!

Here’s nice little info graphic I did for Cork City Fire Brigade to sum up their great work at the end of 2018.

I found an excellent resource on HubSpot that gives you some downloadable PowerPoint templates to create your own infographics without the need for any fancy design software. Have a look on the resources section of their website for these and for lots of other useful guides and things.

You won’t even need my help!