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Business woman of the year awards 2022

Network Cork business woman of the year awards 2022 finalist
Network Cork business woman of the year awards 2022 power within category finalists


I’m a finalist in the Network Cork Business Woman of the Year Awards again this year.

I spoke on my application form about finally feeling like I have a ‘real job’ and being in the finals of a ‘business woman of the year’ awards two years running is a sure indication that I’m doing something right, and we all need a bit of encouragement when we are working long days and nights to go the extra mile.

I join so many amazing business women whom I now call my friends in the finals, both in my category, sponsored by Invesco Ltd, and in the other categories. I am particularly proud to be sharing a spot in the final with my BFF Linda O’Connell aka DigiNomad who has been a great friend and mentor to me since the beginning of my business journey. (Let the rivalry begin!!)

Thanks to the committee for their hard work especially Ingrid Seim who I have known for a few years now and always makes it look seamless to be super organised, her work has made this a reality for so many women to wake up to this morning.

Thanks also to our president Maria Desmond who is always a supporter of all of us members and works tirelessly for us all.

To all of the finalists, best of luck, and I am looking forward to seeing you all dressed up at my first in-person awards night at the end of the month.

Have a look below and you will see that I have already proudly added my finalist badge to the footer of my website, beside last year’s badge- I am delighted to have gained this achievement two years in a row.