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Conversations in Design – Step Up

It was a pleasure today to be back (virtually) in my old stomping ground at Munster Technological University speaking with graduating Visual Communications students about career paths, opportunities and challenges faced by the industry. Conversations in Design was part of Enterprise Month, which has expanded since I was there from Innovation Week. It was always a highlight of the year for me even as a student.

In the name of practising what you preach, I spoke a lot about posting key takeaways from events.

I learned a few things today from the other speakers. Colm Roche from Imagist London gave great insight into pricing for freelance jobs and a formula to work out how to price your work, which I will certainly be looking at in my own business. Paulina Warzecha showed an amazing print guide that I wish we had in college, Owen Clery of Carbery Group told of how to stand out as a candidate by literally knocking on doors for jobs you want (and he succeeded!) and Siobhan Cotter from Greenhouse reckons that the revival of craftsmanship and tactile design is on the way- some really interesting views overall on how design careers are made.

Best of luck to all of the students in their paths. Thanks to Val Renehan for inviting me and to all the familiar faces. Great to see you all again.

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