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Checklist before you launch your WordPress website

I was just prepping a website for launch over the weekend and I thought how nice it would be to create a list of the must do things you need to check on your WordPress site before you launch it, so I prepared this ‘checklist before you launch your WordPress website’ for you to help anyone who is planning on launching their website soon and wants to make sure it’s ready to go. Hope it helps!

Just click on the arrow at the side of the slides to move through the presentation.

There are references in there to a few items:

  • GDPR Cookie Consent. The one I use is this one by Web Toffee. Don’t forget to use the scan function regularly to update the cookies list for your site.
  • Analytics, Search Console and Google Business- all Google products that can really help you to understand your website traffic after setting it up
  • Yoast SEO by Team Yoast is such a user friendly SEO plugin. Go to the settings page, follow the set up wizard and you are good to go. Remember not to use the same target keyword for different pages as it will confuse Google as to which one you want to rank for. This plugin operates on a traffic light system: Green means good, red means bad. It also checks your readability.
  • Really Simple SSL by Really Simple Plugins. Again just follow the steps and your secure https site will be up and running in no time

If you would like more help with your WordPress website, please get in touch with me. I would be very happy to help.