CCS Security Solutions- Website Launch

CCS Security Solutions

Website launch- CCS Security Solutions Pressing the green button is always a great feeling! Just launched a new website on behalf of my client CCS Security Solutions. You can check out the website here. Stephen Prout was one of the most easy going clients I have ever worked with. Being able to be relaxed while […]

How to get your business online fast and cheap- Lunch & Learn

How to get your business online fast and cheap with Republic of Work. Lunch & Learn

How to get your business online cheap and fast- lunch and learn with Republic of Work, May 4th 2021 It’s great to have something to put on a dress for! This was me all set up and ready to go  for the: how to get your business online fast and cheap webinar I hosted in […]

Wax seal wedding invitations

Wax seal wedding invitations – back to basics of design Back to the traditional craft of design. Sometimes I find that there’s a bit too much screen time involved so I enjoyed the therapeutic work of putting wax seals on some lovely wedding stationery this afternoon at @republicofwork. Once I got into the groove working […]

What does a designer do?

what does a designer do

What does a designer do? If anyone was wondering what a designer does day to day, here’s a view of what’s on my to do list for today. I won’t get it all done today, but I will certainly be working my through these over this week and next week, and there’s more on the […]

Tips for better copywriting

Tips for better copywriting These tips for better copywriting are ones that I learned today at Republic of Work‘s lunch & learn with Frank Prendergast & Marci Cornett (Frank & Marci’s website) hosted by the great Angelica Coughlan The tips are theirs but I have just presented them to share as they were brilliant and gave […]

CPS Website

CPS Website design, branding & animated video Project Outline- CPS website, branding & animated video I have worked with the company CPS on a number of different projects. We did the branding first and followed that with a clear set of brand guidelines which gave the company direction when it came to branding their online […]

Checklist before you launch your WordPress website

tips for better copywriting

Checklist before you launch your WordPress website I was just prepping a website for launch over the weekend and I thought how nice it would be to create a list of the must do things you need to check on your WordPress site before you launch it, so I prepared this ‘checklist before you launch […]

How to Use a Blank Sheet of Paper to Improve your SEO for free

I got an email from, an #SEO newsletter from Steve Toth, entitled “How a blank sheet of paper can be a powerful SEO weapon” Intrigued, I clicked right away! Basically when you write your title for your blog the question you need to ask yourself is: ‘If I write this on a blank sheet of paper, can a […]