How to get your business online fast and cheap- Lunch & Learn

How to get your business online fast and cheap with Republic of Work. Lunch & Learn

How to get your business online cheap and fast- lunch and learn with Republic of Work, May 4th 2021 It’s great to have something to put on a dress for! This was me all set up and ready to go  for the: how to get your business online fast and cheap webinar I hosted in […]

Tips for better copywriting

Tips for better copywriting These tips for better copywriting are ones that I learned today at Republic of Work‘s lunch & learn with Frank Prendergast & Marci Cornett (Frank & Marci’s website) hosted by the great Angelica Coughlan The tips are theirs but I have just presented them to share as they were brilliant and gave […]

Making your own content

Diane Higgins Design Cork- making your own content

Making your own content- be creative Sometimes there are opportunities to make some content that you didn’t expect. I had a presentation yesterday evening and had booked at conference room at the brilliant Republic of Work I have been thinking recently that I could badly do with some new headshots as my own are a few […]

Perfectionism is an iterative process

making your own content

Perfectionism & Digital Marketing “Perfection is an iterative process”- Diane Higgins I am going to have to go on the payroll at Munster Technological University soon after two guest lectures in less than a week! It was a pleasure to speak to current Masters of Digital Marketing students about my professional development plan that I created when […]

Checklist before you launch your WordPress website

tips for better copywriting

Checklist before you launch your WordPress website I was just prepping a website for launch over the weekend and I thought how nice it would be to create a list of the must do things you need to check on your WordPress site before you launch it, so I prepared this ‘checklist before you launch […]

CCS logo and branding design

Another logo design gone out the door this week. This is an abstract logo based on the company name ‘CCS’. Looking forward to the next stages of the project with this local company. I love working on projects with clients who are decisive and just go with their gut. The client chose this logo within […]

Behind the Headshot

Behind the brand! I have been using the same headshot image on my professional social media accounts for a while now (I guess it needs updating), but I was looking on my phone for photos for something recently and I came across the original image that I cropped it from. It just goes to show […]

4,000 LinkedIn Connections

Woo! Happy Thursday. I have just reached 4,000 Linkedin connections. I started this time last year with just over 400 and I decided to put effort into making Linkedin my social media platform of choice. I worked on creating content in the form of long-form articles and short posts of my thoughts and my work, […]

How to Use a Blank Sheet of Paper to Improve your SEO for free

I got an email from, an #SEO newsletter from Steve Toth, entitled “How a blank sheet of paper can be a powerful SEO weapon” Intrigued, I clicked right away! Basically when you write your title for your blog the question you need to ask yourself is: ‘If I write this on a blank sheet of paper, can a […]

Free infographics templates to show your year in numbers

Free infographics templates to show your year in numbers Has everyone gotten their #Spotify 2020 playlists yet? They are a really engaging little feature for Spotify users. If you don’t have the budget for personalised videos for each customer, infographics can be a great way of summarising your year in numbers at the end of the year […]