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Brand Design for Web Design & SEO Agency

Brand design for Web Design & SEO agency

A recent branding project for Proximo Web Design

As a designer, being asked by a fellow designer to do their branding work is both an honour and also puts the pressure on!!

We had so much in common that it was easy to get on the same wavelength. We are both web designers, Network Cork members, and Republic of work members.

Hilary’s web design business has evolved to have a focus on not just web design but SEO has become an equal partner in her business, so she felt it was time to give it the prominence in her branding that it deserved.

The concept that won out for Hilary was the simple idea of both a cursor (representing the web design) and a magnifying glass (representing the search aspect) being incorporated into her logo. She has the ability to use these aspects separately or together for a flexible logo.

It was great to work with Hilary- a true professional- she was the quickest ever at making decisions and I had virtually no changes- a sure sign that we were on the same wavelength from the beginning as well as a measure of her decisiveness.

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What’s the difference between a logo and a brand I hear you ask- have a look at my brand design section if it’s more than a logo you are after or if you just want an answer to the age old question.

Brand design for Web Design & SEO agency