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The secret to becoming a designer

becoming a designer process

I’m going to let you in on the secret to becoming a designer. I know that people are not supposed to share these trade secrets like this so keep it quiet when I tell you.

Spoiler alert: it’s not about being a Picasso with a pencil (although it would be handy). The real secret is to LISTEN first, THINK second, DESIGN last. And if it’s your own business you can skip the first step! Simples.

My process that I have refined over the years involves truly listening to my clients to find out about their business, their goals and what they are looking for. Then I do some thinking- mind maps, word association and good old sleeping on it. Pre-covid I used to sit in the jacuzzi and think 🛁

Only after this do I go and start researching visually and actually going about creating designs. Yes it’s nice to be able to produce high quality visuals but there are tools for that- read Canva.com

So if you want to become a designer or do some of your own design work, get your thinking cap on and jump in your inflatable Aldi hot tub.

And if you want me to do the thinking for you, get in touch