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A busy few weeks!

a busy few weeks

They say everything comes together and this has certainly been true for me the last few weeks. My husband left 2 weeks ago to do an important course for work so I was hoping to take the pedal off the metal a bit and enjoy the break…

Since he left so much has happened. I was shortlisted for the final of the Network Cork business woman of the year awards🏆, I decided to organise (with the help of many supporters) a charity cake sale 🍰 for Children’s Health Foundation that has fundraised over €5,500 💶💰,

I attended 3 hospitals 🏥 in 24 hours with my 2 daughters and received great news about my Sara not needing surgery this year, and we bought a new house on Tuesday!! 🏡🏡

All this on top of some of my busiest weeks in my business, a photocall today and creating a video about myself for the awards, while looking after 3 small children. I am proud of myself, my family and all of the people around me who have helped us over the last few weeks.

My mother and my mother in law have been supporting and encouraging me all the way.

Off for a nap now 😴