Woo! Happy Thursday. I have just reached 4,000 Linkedin connections. I started this time last year with just over 400 and I decided to put effort into making Linkedin my social media platform of choice. I worked on creating content in the form of long-form articles and short posts of my thoughts and my work, and I also logged in on a more frequent basis in order to see and engage with that content created by all of you. In the past year, I have gained so much both personally and professionally from the content that you have shared from the informative to the inspiring and I have received so much encouragement from all of you. Thank you to my 4,000 connections for connecting with me. I look forward to more content from you that will inspire, inform and engage! It has definitely become my favourite platform. #linkedinfamily #linkedinnetworking #linkedin #DMCIT #MScDMCIT #marketing #corkbusiness #startupstory #digitalmarketing